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Tim Stieve - Project Manager

(608) 222-1201 ext. 293


Quick Facts

  • There will be 5,500 total lineal feet of new sanitary sewer constructed ranging in size from 48 to 60 inches in diameter.
  • 520 feet of underground tunneling will be used to avoid disruption to high traffic areas.
  • The Northeast Interceptor will be capable of conveying 66 MGD of flow. This about the same amount of average flow that passes through the Yahara River between Lake Monona and Lake Mendo

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Project Updates

Northeast Interceptor Relief/Replacement

In order for wastewater to reach Pump Station 18, a new gravity flow sanitary sewer (interceptor) will need to be constructed. This project will be called the Northeast Interceptor Relief/Replacement project. The new interceptor will also provide additional capacity for wastewater conveyance to the collection system in the area.

As shown on the map, the new interceptor will be joined to our existing collection system near Progress Road. It will then be constructed within a City of Madison greenway, cross Progress Road, and cross underneath Highway 51. The crossing of Highway 51 will be done by tunneling underneath the road, so as not to interfere with traffic. After crossing Highway 51, the new interceptor will be constructed underneath Copps Avenue. In the intersection of Copps Avenue and East Broadway, the new interceptor will again be joined with our existing collection system. From that intersection, it will be constructed along East Broadway until finally connecting with Pump Station 18. Although this may not be the exact order that the interceptor is eventually constructed in, it is the route that it is anticipated to follow.

Communicating with you, the public, will be especially critical for this project. You can anticipate seeing things such as lane closures, construction signs, and detours as a result of this project. To make this process easier we are going to be keeping you up to date as much as we can. As the construction date gets closer and when construction begins we will be providing new information through this website and over twitter.

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Project Route Map

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